19 September 2013 @ 05:18 pm
#1 The Pretender Lives Site is live and pretty darn awesome. You should check that out. There is also a live Chat still going on in the SL 15 link. SLM & CVS are pretty fun! And I think all we've learned is that they think it is funny to torture us with what Miss Parker's first name might be. Grrrr We also learned they are going to mess with the timeline a bit and make Jarod 20 years younger just to get with the times and close the gap in time we've lost. Some don't like this but really Jarod would be 50 and since the actors will likely never portray them again this is the way they are going so we can have more Pretender.

#2 There is going to be a Graphic Novel but there is not release date for that yet. They mention some artists in the interview, one being our interviewer which is pretty cool.

#3 Rebirth Book 1 will be available October 7! I'll post a link to Amazon when that is available. You can read excerpts from this book on their site (The Pretender Lives) and you can read the general gist of things.