06 December 2011 @ 02:38 pm
Happy Birthday, Patrick Bauchau who turns 73 today!
So I've searched for pictures, videos...of Patrick Bauchau in Mystère. And I found this :

-Here some pictures ("photos"), videos ("vidéos") in french.

-Here you can see all the episodes which have been aired.
In "Episodes Mystère en intégralité" you have the whole episodes. And in "Episodes Mystère extraits" you have just some parts of the episodes.

-Here you have two pictures of Patrick Bauchau in Mystère. And some others pictures of Patrick Bauchau.

I'll try to find more if you want.

03 July 2007 @ 05:21 pm
I should have made this post a lot earlier but I've forgotten.

I wanted to let you know that Patrick Bauchau plays in a french summer tv show (it's only 12 episodes) on the channel TF1. It's called Mystère.

He plays the father of the main character. His name is Guillaume de Lestrade.
I watch this tv show sometimes, almost just a few minutes to see Patrick Bauchau.

The tv show is about a woman who is confronted to strange events which seems bound to her mother's missing.

If you want I can try to find more about it : pictures or anything...