Title: Apocalypse
Author: [livejournal.com profile] phoenixnz
Characters: Clark, Lois, Jane, Oliver, Jarod, Parker, Angelo, Dean, Sam, Chloe, Zod, Justice League
Rating: Mostly R (for violence and sexual themes, although it starts off PG)
Genre: crossover fic (Smallville, Pretender, Supernatural)
Feedback: Is love
Art: [livejournal.com profile] ctbn60

Summary: Yet another sequel in the Smallville/Pretender 'verse, taking up where Redemption left off. Superman is about to face a dangerous enemy and it's going to take all of them to stop the apocalypse.

a/n: I started this story four years ago this month as the culmination of the series I had written chronicling the journey towards humanity for the female Pretender I created for my first foray into the Pretender fandom, Humanity which I wrote nearly five years ago. I had no idea the journey would take this long to complete but I have to say I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with.

So, without further ado, enjoy this last story in the series, the entirety of which is posted, in order, on AO3, so I won't list them here. However, if you would like to read them through my LJ, please PM me and I can give you the list of stories and the order.

Meantime, bring on the apocalypse.

Chapter One (of 59)
I have finally got around to watching all the four seasons of The Pretender at once. I have seen bits of it on and off but never all of it. Imagine my surprise when, for the first time ever, the muse strikes, leaving the following scene in my head, and it WONT LET GO til I write it. This is my first piece of fic ever, please be gentle :) - Sorry fixed all the HTML now

Title: Some Things Never Change
Author: Craig Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell
Date: 14/07/2011
Part: 1 of 1
Rating: R18
Characters: Jarod/Miss Parker
Archiving: http://thebluerose.livejournal.com/396809.html
Warnings: Adult Content
SPOILERS: Only if you haven't seen the episodes and previous movie.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Pretender characters or anything about them so don’t sue me.

Some Things Never Change )