24 March 2008 @ 12:01 pm
Possible Closure to Show???
Read what the Creator's have to say about show closure. Read
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Recently dear ol' Steve and Craig (creators of the Pretender, for those drawing a blank) had an interview with "Slice Of SciFi.com" regarding a new project they've completed, a mini-series called "Tin Man".


In the interview they were asked about The Pretender, this is what they said...(Pay very close attention to the end of Craig's ("CVS") looong bit and the stuff after that.)


Oh, and for those who want to read the whole interview go here: http://www.sliceofs cifi.com/ 2007/09/07/ sosf-interview- with-the- tin-man-creators -steven-long- mitchell- and-craig- van-sickle/

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