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Title: Together Again
Author: [livejournal.com profile] vickysg1
Rating: G
Characters: Jarod, Miss Parker, Angelo
Archiving: My fic journal.
SPOILERS: If you haven't seen Bloodlines
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Pretender characters or anything about them so don’t sue me.
Summary: She sat there, listening to Timmy playing on the piano...
Author's Note: This is a missing-scene for Bloodlines, the season 2 finale, what I think could have happened. Many, many thanks to Jaclyn, my fantastic beta!

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Title: Redemption (A Pretender/Smallville crossover)
Author: Phoenixnz
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG13 to NC17
Warning: Language, violence, sexual acts
Characters: Jane, Oliver, Clark, Lois, Jarod, Parker, the usual suspects
Disclaimer: The usual - don't own either but I'd really love to
Feedback: Absolutely

Summary: A year has passed since Oliver and Jane broke up after she took down Lex Luthor. Oliver's life has gone downhill, while Jane has taken the advice of her family and made something of herself. Now Oliver is in trouble and Jane is sent to rescue him. A third story in the Pretender/Smallville 'verse starring Jane and Oliver.


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Teasers from Pretender icons from the episode Bloodlines (02x20 and 02x21)

The rest this way at my lj with one Ryan Merriman icon.

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39 icons @ my journal.

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My Answer to a request for Icons:


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